How Many Type A’s Does it Take to Prepare for the Type A Conference?

Answer: All of them. Since when does a Type A sit back and let someone else do all of the research and planning?

My favorite blog conference of the year is rapidly approaching: Type A Parent, this year in Charlotte, N.C. Some conferences are larger, some are smaller but with the right combination of people, location and content, Type A speaks to me every year.

type-a parent conferenceThis year, my third as an attendee and second as a speaker, will be different in a few ways. My first outside of a PR agency and just as a blogger. The first time the conference is in Charlotte (although I love Asheville, I’m also excited to explore a new city. The first where I can focus more on me without focusing on clients and my job.

This year, I’ll fly down on my own dime for the first time, share a room with an awesome blogger, all star videographer and softball coach extraordinaire, and I plan to deepen friendships, meet new people and learn from some of the smartest women (and men) on the planet.

I’ve started several blogs over the years, but my career as a social media specialist in public relations generally left little room for my own writing. After writing on behalf of others all day, the last thing I wanted to do was open the computer screen again once I had the kids in bed.

Now, I’ve decided and am keeping it going for the longest stretch, to write, to blog for me. Not for any perks, not for anyone saying “you have to have a blog” and not on behalf of any executive or company. Just me, and I’m beginning to create that journey.

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