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Life’s Too Short to Not Give Kids a Shot

Some parents in the U.S. choose not to vaccinate their children, and that’s a choice they make in an environment that has little potential for massive outbreaks of preventable diseases. However, in countries where clean water and food are scarce, having vaccinations are the difference between life and death.

While at the Type A Parent Conference, we learned about Shot@Life, part of the United Nations Foundation that helps to vaccinate children who have no access to healthcare.

More than 19 million children under the age of 5 remain unimmunized around the world. With vaccinations, those children have a chance of seeing the age of 5, of learning their ABCs and reaching other milestones.

To give kids a shot at life, remember the ABCs:

  • A stands for Authority. You have the authority, the power, to make a real difference.
  • B stands for Be aware. Be aware of the changes that you can make to save lives.
  • C stands for Caring for Children. These children have very little resources, so with a little care, you can change their lives forever.

Shot At LifeVaccines make life possible. Without them, children are vulnerable to deadly and disabling diseases like measles, pneumonia, diarrhea and polio.

Unfortunately, around the world, one in five children still lack access to the life-saving immunizations that help keep children in the U.S. healthy. In fact, one child dies every 20 seconds from a disease that could be prevented with a vaccine. By expanding access to vaccines, we can prevent 1.5 million child deaths each year.

This little tyke from Honduras, along with countless others, is counting on you.

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How Many Type A’s Does it Take to Prepare for the Type A Conference?

Answer: All of them. Since when does a Type A sit back and let someone else do all of the research and planning?

My favorite blog conference of the year is rapidly approaching: Type A Parent, this year in Charlotte, N.C. Some conferences are larger, some are smaller but with the right combination of people, location and content, Type A speaks to me every year.

type-a parent conferenceThis year, my third as an attendee and second as a speaker, will be different in a few ways. My first outside of a PR agency and just as a blogger. The first time the conference is in Charlotte (although I love Asheville, I’m also excited to explore a new city. The first where I can focus more on me without focusing on clients and my job.

This year, I’ll fly down on my own dime for the first time, share a room with an awesome blogger, all star videographer and softball coach extraordinaire, and I plan to deepen friendships, meet new people and learn from some of the smartest women (and men) on the planet.

I’ve started several blogs over the years, but my career as a social media specialist in public relations generally left little room for my own writing. After writing on behalf of others all day, the last thing I wanted to do was open the computer screen again once I had the kids in bed.

Now, I’ve decided and am keeping it going for the longest stretch, to write, to blog for me. Not for any perks, not for anyone saying “you have to have a blog” and not on behalf of any executive or company. Just me, and I’m beginning to create that journey.

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Filling up the weeks with summer travel

I’ve been studying our summer calendar so much that I’ve actually printed out June, July and August and have penciled in various scenarios.  I recently started a new job and have some days off, and this will be the first summer that my husband is full time in his new job. Although he works from home, he travels quite a bit. So when he’s gone, I need to find camps, grandmas or other resources for the kids.

But all is not lost. We do have a few trips planned, and the summer should be jam-packed, along with soccer, baseball, a dance recital and opening our pool. So far, we have planned:

The Homestead Resort in Glen Arbor: This is one of our favorite places. The resort has so many things – a pool with a slide, a pool with a waterfall on Lake Michigan, golf and a gorgeous spa. The kids love to wander around by the fiddling frog and explore the resort.

Also, Glen Arbor is a great summer town. I always stock up on my cherry wine from the Cherry Republic while I’m there (there’s a store in Ann Arbor but no liquor license – boo!). They have public tennis courts, a great canoe rental place and a fun putt-putt golf that also has a giant chess etc.

Cabo San Lucas: I’m lucky enough to tag along on a work trip with my husband and will have many tales and adventures to tell!

Charlotte, NC: Type A Parent Conference: This will be my third year at the conference and second as a speaker. But, it will be my first time as “just” a blogger. Although I have a new job, it has nothing to do with female bloggers, unless they happen to be University of Michigan alumni. I’m excited to see a new city (Charlotte) as well as see so many familiar and friendly faces a this conference. Now that I’m really making a go of my site, I’m also looking to pick up tips.

Ontario, Canada: We’re starting to loosely form a trip to Canada, specifically the area north of Toronto near Blue Mountain. There are some resorts there that my husband may review, and we’ll tag along as a family. While we’re there, we may plan a trip to Niagara Falls on the way back. We’ve been there as a couple but really want to take the kids. The main strip there is like Las Vegas for families – dinosaur putt-putt, Ripleys, waterparks and you name it.

On my wish list, which I think will be future summers, are visits to the Grand Canyon,  Colonial Williamsburg and Washington D.C.

Where will your summer take you?

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