My New Dolphin Friends in San Jose Cabo

They say that Dolphins are some of the smartest inhabitants on the planet. And when you have the opportunity to spend some time with the majestic creatures, you realize that they are not only smart, but powerful, playful and full of personality.

Dolphins in San Jose Cabo Part of our trip to Cabo San Lucas included an excursion from Terramar to Dolpin Discovery on the newer marina in San Jose Cabo. We were fitted with life jackets, given instruction on how to signal the dolphins for each activity and then led into the water in the marina. Our first new friend, Apollo, was a young male dolphin who was eager to please and loved the attention we showered on him. We had a kiss, handshake and were able to “hold” him briefly underwater.Dolphin Kayak in San Jose Cabo

Next, we moved to another area and entered the water in kayaks. Holding out the paddle, the two dolphins, Titan and Shelly, leaped over in a breathtaking display. Our group then playfully raced across the marina area to see who would be first for the next dolphin encounter. In this area, we were able to do a dorsal tow, where the two dolphins pull you through the water as you gently hold on to their dorsal fins.

Then, for the grand finale, we did the foot push, where you lock your knees and each dolphin puts its nose to the bottom of your feet, pushing you into an upright position as you glide across the water. It’s an exhilarating feeling and one I’ll never forget.

Dolphin jump in San Jose Cabo

Being able to come close to such large and powerful creatures is an amazing experience and gives me renewed respect for the ocean and all it holds.

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