Another School Year Flies Past

It seems that our school district gets out fairly early compared to others in the state and across the country, but I can’t believe that today marks the end of 4th and 2nd grade for my kids. The years are starting to fly by and with each milestone, mom becomes a little more sentimental.

We have very few open dates on the busy summer calendar, and soon they’ll be off to summer camps, a visit to grandpa in Washington state and a trip or two with mom and dad. As I watch them grow, I’m proud of who they are becoming and can see the light shining from within.

Next year will bring significant changes to our family – my son enters a fifth and sixth grade middle school while my daughter stays in the elementary. If we stay in this same district, my kids won’t be in the same school building again for seven more years – when they are in 9th and 11th grade. So far, my son has been the “responsible” one – taking care of his sister’s lunch money and making sure she’s where she is supposed to be every day.

Next year will be a new adventure, and I can’t help but be sad when I think of them separated, although I know it’s just the next step in this thing we call life.

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