Camels, tigers and carnivals, only at the Belleville Strawberry Festival

Give a camel a lemon … and you’re at the Strawberry Festival. Makes perfect sense, right?

Belleville Strawberry FestivalEvery year, the kids look forward to Father’s Day. Well, not really Father’s Day per se, but because the annual Strawberry Festival in Belleville is on Father’s Day weekend every June.

This year, my daughter’s dance rehearsal was Friday and the recital fell on the Saturday evening, so our days were booked. However, we still had Sunday afternoon, so we walked into town and found this:

Camels! Sure, we’ve been on pony rides but this was the first year I’ve seen camel rides here. What a strange thing to think that you can walk less than a mile from your house in the suburbs and see a camel! The festival also had some visiting white tigers, although we didn’t go into the tent to see them.

Instead, we were busy feeding the Belleville Strawberry Festival camelcamels. When life hands you lemons, feed a camel!

Sadly, the afternoon rain showers chased us back home, but not before we had our fill of elephant ears, a pizza pretzel and butterfly chips. After all, the carnival food is what I look forward to every year!

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