My Mommy is a Blogger

I took my daughter to her first blogging conference last year. Well, she didn’t actually attend but she loved the kidcon during the Type A Parent Conference. In addition to the fun things that she was able to see and do, she loved a button that was in her goody bag, “My mom blogs about me.”

I didn’t actually blog then as much as I do now – I was more on the other side of the fence in public relations. However, now I have a different job and am more frequently writing here.

So at this year’s Type A Parent Conference, we received a copy of the book My Mommy is a Blogger. When I brought it home, my daughter’s eyes lit up. She immediately remembered the pin and asked if it was the same thing. Well yes, kind of.

My Mommy is a Blogger BookReading this book not only helped my daughter understand what I’m doing now, but it also helped her understand what I used to do in public relations. I was able to tell her why I traveled and why I was always bringing home fun stuff for her to discover in my suitcase.

If you’re a blogger, or in public relations, this is a must-have book. It will help you in telling others what you do and how you do it – all with a smile. The illustrations are cute and it’s very easy to read with your kids.

Disclosure: I received this book as part of my participation in the Type A Parent Conference. Review and opinion are my own.

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