The return of the Scrap Crap

I was all set to regale you with photos of a trip to the corn maize with a bunch of hyper cub scouts but it was a chilly day and my husband looked at me and said “why don’t you stay home and I will take him?”

Ah, those magic words. You know once that phrase is uttered, you have to take it and seize it. So I stayed home – alone – while the boys were off and the girl child had a playdate.

So I did what any normal mom would do: I started cleaning. Specifically, I ventured down into the place that shall not be seen, the basement. It exists as a laundry chute, place to play video games and where toys go to die (or have a Toy Story-esque rave).

This was waiting for me:

Messy scrapbook tableIt’s what my husband calls Scrap Crap. My winter habitat on cold weekend days is usually spending time at my scrapbook table, organizes photos and exploring my inner arts and crafts self. But come spring, the table becomes a dumping ground for school papers that I want to keep, school and sports photos and any other pictures I’ve managed to print. And through in a few kids’ toys that were rescued from a dog’s jaws.

In two weeks, I’ll be headed to a semi-annual scrapbook weekend. For those of you who don’t partake, it’s actually a girls weekend in disguise, complete with scissors and tape. But it’s cathartic and helps me relax and take some time for me. I managed to make a good dent and you can now see parts of the table.

The boys came home just a little bit shaken up after a corn maze misadventure but I chalk it up to father-son bonding time. After all, I came away with a cleanish table.

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