Turning 8 the Sweet & Sassy Way

Early this summer, maybe even spring, I bought a Groupon and then promptly forgot about it for awhile. Then, as my daughter’s birthday approached, I remembered I had an already-paid-for party option: a Diva Fashion Party at Sweet & Sassy in Novi.

Hair updo at Sweet and SassyWe gathered up as many girls as we could in one car and headed to this new, unknown land.  When we first entered, the girls erupted in pure glee. They were excited about the shopping area, hair salon and spa section. They saw another party getting hair and makeup and then came the deciding factor: a fashion runway, complete with steps and a beaded door to walk through. They were hooked.

First, they were brought back to change clothes. Then came the only bummer of the evening – the cute sequined tops and dresses were itchy. So itchy that most of the girls opted to change because they were jumping and scratching like they just passed a swamp full of mosquitoes.Sweet and Sassy Novi

After the clothing change, the girls all sat on high director’s chairs and chose their hairstyle and nail polish color. The finishing touch on the hair was glitter hairspray. After nails, the girls got eye shadow and a glitter stamp of a heart or a star (or both for the birthday girl).

After being made up, it was time to dance. The girls all stood on the runway and the party hostess ran through some dance moves, and then played two songs for them to dance to. After the dance, the girls all go behind the wall for the runway. Each girl is announced separately and strikes a pose at the end.

After the fashion show, the girls then head to one of the party rooms, where whatever the parents bring is served. In this case, we ordered pizza from their pizza partner and brought a birthday cake. After the presents, the hostess brought in a group photo in a cardboard frame for the girls to take home, along with coupons for future visits.

All in all, it was a great night and perfect for 7- and 8-year-olds, although we did see a group that looked to be a couple of years older. And, a group of Girl Scouts came in. I took home the brochure, and they offer a few options (with a badge of course) for scouts, including how to run a business and plan a party.

Other add-ons that we did not experience on this trip were a ride in their pink limo, custom goody bags and various spa services. Sweet & Sassy also creates several theme nights during the year, so no party is necessary for your little girl to feel like a fashion diva.

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