Back to school (frugal) shopping

It became real to me when I looked at the calendar and realized that I needed to order school clothes so they could be shipped in time for school to start.

I try to shop online so I can get additional benefit plus a discount. Before I buy anything online, even with a code, I either try to get frequent flyer miles or cash back, too.

I have all of my favorite frugal and deal bloggers in my RSS reader and see them in my Twitter feed, so when I noticed a good discount for Gymboree, I first went to Skymiles Shopping but sadly, they weren’t listed. I tried my backup,, but they weren’t listed there, either. However, with a 25 percent off code, free shipping and Gym Bucks on my purchase, I decided it was still a good deal. My daughter loves their clothes, they fit well and they last.

My son, however, is outgrowing the matching clothes and cute sayings of Gymboree. I noticed on the Delta Skymiles shopping portal that they were offering bonus miles for back to school, so we clicked on Lands End, which gave us triple miles for our shopping, and Delta will kick in another 500 miles for each $250 spent on back to school. Lands End has a loyalty program, discount code and free shipping, so the clothes for my son gave us multiple benefits.

We had to break down and buy shoes a few weeks ago, with my overbearing mom instructions that these were still for school and better look good for the first day. The kids needed new shoes sans holes although they didn’t wear them much this summer.

And, one final tip although not directly related to school shopping. I always end up finding the best prices for package travel deals on Travelocity, and they offer a cash-back rebate on Always check for more than a discount code before you shop online!

(Disclosure: None of these are affiliate links. I just like to shop!)

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