Connect, Learn and Laugh at Type A Parent Conference

Has it really been more than a year since the last Type A Conference? Because it seems like just yesterday that I was meeting and talking to these wonderful bloggers.

This year, I had no kids or husband in tow so I was able to spend more time getting to know people. It really was a different experience and I’m glad I had the opportunity to have both perspectives.

Disney party at Type A ConferenceThe venue changed this year – from the Asheville, N.C. to the Hilton City Center in Charlotte, so the vibe of the conference was a bit different, as well. There were no cool little stores to explore during down time, and we had the “Heroes Convention” next door instead of finding a drum circle.

Yet, no matter where you put these ladies – and a few men – we connect, we laugh, we learn and we grow. We attend sessions and hands-on workshops, sneak off to our hotel room to write, update code or make fixes based on other tips and tricks learned throughout the day.

At the end of the day, we relax and unwind with a good meal, maybe a walk and definitely a party where we can socialize and of course connect again.

I come home with a bag full of business cards, a lot of new Twitter connections and a little schwag. Just the right balance to make the Type A Conference another happy memory.

And in no particular order:

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7 thoughts on “Connect, Learn and Laugh at Type A Parent Conference

  1. So glad I was able to see you in person again. Thanks so much for the great session too! I was able to immediately make a few changes to my About Me page and I have a list of some other tasks to improve it also.

  2. So nice to meet you!

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  4. It was so awesome to get the chance to meet you! It’s amazing because I feel like I didn’t see you the rest of the week….did you disappear or did I? 🙂 Let’s definitely keep in touch.

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  6. Tonja, I enjoyed the hell out of our inappropriate conversation! So glad we got to meet!

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