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Fall, football and frenzied fun

That pretty much sums up my fall. Oh, and fundraising – I’ll take your Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and raise you with an elementary and middle school, travel baseball league and football team. Friends and family fear the emails.

My son, with his cast, was out of football for a bit and we actually had a few nights where no one had activities and we wondered how the evenings could be so long and you could actually cook, clean up and get organized – or you could sit on the couch, too.

Without clearly thinking it through, my son also tried out for a travel baseball team, and was accepted, so now we’ll have to battle our work travel schedules with a baseball schedule that will take us to different cities in the evenings this spring.

In addition to little kid football, college football is a large part of my professional work experience. But being able to bring my son to some games and giving him the experience of getting on the field of the largest college stadium will be something neither of us will forget.

Oh, and there’s dance. The dancing and the dancing with the old people, too. This year, our dance center created some adult classes, so I’m in class at the same time as my daughter. Mind you, not the same room, but instead of sitting on a bench and waiting for her to be done, I have an hour in which to sweat and trip over my own feet. It’s glorious.

And there’s the never-ending travel planning. I get to travel to Nebraska (new state on my list) for college football, as well as back to New Orleans for a conference. And more college football – if my employer’s team heads to a bowl, that will be our New Year’s-ish holiday destination. But we have to wait until the beginning of December, which is not my strong suit. We’re also cooking up an exciting trip where the kids and I can tag along with my husband in January. I’ll be bouncing off the walls if it comes true.

So happy fall, happy football and go Detroit Tigers.


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