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Land, Sea and Happiness at Westin Los Cabos

It’s not every day that you see a hotel built partially into the side of a mountain. For that matter, I’d say that it’s also the first time I saw a restaurant built around a mountain, as well. But at the Westin Resort and Spa in Cabo San Lucas, the hotel is where land meets the sea and is juxtaposed in perfect harmony with the elements.

Westin Los CabosFor my trip to Cabo (on a fam trip with my husband, who is a golf writer), we spent two nights at the Sheraton Los Cabos and two at the Westin Los Cabos. The Westin is breathtaking on arrival – it almost looks like a scene out of Star Wars on the sand planet. And how can you not have a smile on your face when you walk up and a drink is prepared for you – on the house.

The hotel, we were told, was designed to work with the earth and with Mexican heritage. The arch in the hotel is to reflect the famous arch of Cabo San Lucas. The colors are all traditional and the landscaping is full of sand, cactus and palm trees, just like Cabo.

Although we didn’t have a chance to play it, the 9-hole putt-putt course next to the ocean beach looks like an ideal setting for families. I know my son would have played more than once had he been there. The pools were gorgeous, with one strategically placWestin Los Cabos Arched in the shadow of the hotel arch for shade during the scorching summer months.

Westin Los Cabos Golf

The rooms are gorgeous, with a glass-sided shower, and every single room is ocean view. We saw a variety of occupants with families dining at the more casual restaurants and couples taking in the scenic views and out-of-this-world meal choices. There’s even a tequila bar, La Cantina, for those who want a little nightlife without heading into the town.

Westin Los Cabos RestaurantsWhile we were there, a wedding party and guests were preparing for the big ceremony, and we saw happiness as they gathered for the life-changing night. The spirit in the air matched the smiles on everyone’s faces, because it’s simply difficult to find a reason to frown in Cabo.


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Sheraton Hacienda in Los Cabos is muy bueno

It only rains two to five times per year in the Los Cabos area. They tell me it’s a major news event and people panic when rain is in the forecast, even though they usually end up getting only a few drops. So when you look at the forecast, every day is a bright orange sun with temperatures varying from high 80s to low 90s. Which makes vacation planning oh-so-easy.

The Sheraton Hacienda is a gorgeous resort with more swimming pools than I can count, villa style rooms and a never-ending view of the Sea of Cortez. The complex has two five-diamond restaurants within walking distance of each other. We dined at both: De Cortez and Pitahayas. Pitahayas has a wine cellar with several rooms of any wine you can imagine. The rooms are comfortable, and pools are the perfect temperature and we saw many families enjoying the beach and kids pool.

Sheraton Hacienda Los Cabos infinity poolDinner at De Cortez at Sheraton Hacienda Los Cabos

The breakfast buffet at Tomatoes Restaurant is a wonderful array of America and Mexican dishes to satisfy any hunger. And every restaurant has an open air section – perfect for climates with only sun in the forecast. I didn’t try the spa or the golf course here but heard from others that both are excellent.

We also had a kayaking and snorkeling adventure with Terramar Destinations to see the famous arch and close to shore snorkeling. Our guides were outstanding and the although we were all adults on the trip, I think it would have been perfect for older kids who like adventure. We saw sea lions, black crabs and many types of fish. We stopped at Lovers Beach on the Sea of Cortez side and were warned that the waters were treacherous across the sand at Divorce Beach, which faces the ocean. Some in my party also did cliff diving off of Pelican Rock, but I was happy to stay partially submerged and take photos.

The Arch at Baja Peninsula, Cabo San LucasSea Lions by The Los Cabos Arch

The Sheraton Hacienda has something for everyone, and with the newly expanded children’s club and area, it would be a perfect place for a return visit with our children. But for now, I’m enjoying the crashing waves and letting the kids have a great time at home with grandma. But I think the Sea of Cortez will call me back some day.

Snorkeling with Terramar Destinations in Cabo San Lucas

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