Exploring the ocean at Oahu’s Sea Life Park

On a recent trip to Oahu, our family had Go Oahu cards, which offer access to many attractions across the island. We decided to try Sea Life Park as one of our options.

Oahu's Sea Life Park turtlesAlthough it can be fun to look at fish and sharks in an aquarium, Sea Life Park offers much, much more. We had a fun afternoon there taking in the sites and activities. Sure, they have sharks in tanks, and even that was a great experience for my kids because we were able to see a diver going in the tank.

But, we were also able to buy some lettuce and feed the sea turtles, touch starfish and other sea creatures and see a dolphin show. My kids absolutely loved the giant turtles, swimming around and actively going after their lunch.Oahu's Sea Life Park

We were too late to feed the sea lions but watched others give it a go, much the sea lions’ delight. There was even a play area for when the kids needed to blow off a little steam.

The view doesn’t hurt, either. Nestled between the mountains and the ocean, it’s just a great location to get out, walk around and experience the ocean life that Hawaii has to offer.

So if you’re in Hawaii and want to get out for a nice, scenic drive and meet some creatures from the deep, Sea Life Park is a great way to go.

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