Mountain Creek: A waterpark like no other

We’ve been to indoor waterparks: Great Wolf Lodge, Avalanche Bay, Castaway Bay and Kalahari, as well as some smaller, local splash parks with lazy rivers. But we’ve definitely never been to an outdoor waterpark built into the side of a mountain.Mountain Creek waterpark

When we first walked up to the entrance of Mountain Creek in New Jersey, the kids said “where’s the rides?” That’s because the rides are all built into the mountainside. The park also just opened a mountain coaster and a new sports park, which included batting cages, golf, hockey, soccer and more, all with challenges and leaderboards. It also had a tubings/slide ride that simulated snow tubing.Soaring Eagle Mountain Creek

The park also had Soaring Eagle, a tandem seated ride that zips you up and down the mountain on a cable. It looked a lot scarier than it actually was, and it was a really fun ride.

And the water rides. Oh the water rides. Beyond the more traditional grab a tube and slide down, the park also had tarzan swings where you plunge into a cold pool, a slide that ends with a plunge into a pool and cliff jumping. It also has rides you’ve come to expect at a waterpark, including a wave pool and a splash area.

Mountain Creek waterpark mapMy kids, almost 8 and 10, were absolutely fearless here. We first started on the little kid waterslide to warm up, but they soon progressed to the larger slides and both tried the tarzan swing, although my daughter was shaken up because she said the water hurt when she made impact.Mountain Creek cliff jump

My son, thank goodness, was even more fearless because after I flubbed recording his cliff dive, he raced up to do it again. He really wanted evidence to come home and show off to his friends. I don’t blame him, because the closest I came to the cliff jump was recording it.Mountain Creek tubing slide

It was long, hot, exhilarating day and we’d definitely do it again in a heartbeat if we were in the area. New Jersey, you’ve outdone yourself with this waterpark!

For sites from the park, the Travel Channel recently featured it on Xtreme Waterparks.

(Disclaimer: My husband, a golf writer, received complimentary access with our family as part of a golf resort tour.)

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