LAX-SYD on Delta

I couldn’t believe that I was able to find a flight from San Jose (with a layover at LAX) on Delta for under 100,000 miles during the Christmas holiday, which is wild because as I look at it today for a holiday trip, it’s 220,000 to 600,000 miles per person.

But we did. And away we went.

Failing at my research prior to the trip, I found photos of the airline-provided travel kit online but it must have been the one for Comfort+, because the main cabin’s kits did not include toothpaste. On a 20+ hour flight, that was a big mistake! I did have gum but sure would’ve liked to have my toothbrush. The kit did have an eyeshade, earplugs and a cleaning wipe (pre-COVID).

Delta travel kit in Economy.

The welcome cocktail was a peach bellini. There were three choices for the main course, and I had the salad with grilled chicken. A fun surprise was dessert, when the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream came out.

While most people fell asleep during the long, overnight flight, there was a basket of sweet and salty snacks in between the main and Comfort+ sections, where flyers could take what they wanted if they became hungry. The flight did offer water several times in addition to the beverage cart, but I was happy to have my own water bottle with me (a must on every flight!) so I could drink whenever I needed it.

Excuse the blue hue from the Delta flight lighting.

About halfway through the flight, we were give a tomato and cheese bruschetta, which was wrapped in foil and tasted more like a Hot Pocket.

Near the end of the flight, everyone woke up and had an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich with fruit and yogurt, then it was time to get ready for landing and head off on an adventure!

Overall, I was satisfied with the quantity and timing of the meals and drink service. If I had more money or miles, upgrading to a roomier, more comfortable seat on a flight this long with be a no-brainer.

Welcome to Sydney airport.
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